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Protect That Precious Garden


August 21, 2013 by Hope Gardens


There’s nothing worse than planting that perfect garden only to have it decimated by critters. One nightly visit by a four-legged friend can wipe you out completely. Some friend!

I’ve been working with my good pal Justin Lowman to create a great-looking, sturdy hutch that will keep varmints out, but still allow light and rain, and air to circulate. It also needed easy access for all that weekly maintenance…I know we all do…without fail. So it has these handy hinged doors that fold in on itself. That way you only need two feet or so on the side of your bed for it to swing open.

This hutch covers all along the sides and the top and will keep out raccoons, possums, feral cats, rabbits, dogs, rats and squirrel. It attached by 4x4s directly to my already existing raised bed. We are working on a hutch with a sliding door and adding some nice latticework at a client’s request.


This will even keep your two-legged friends out; those feathered fowl who like to fly in to gardens for a dust bath and make QUITE the mess.


Sorry Elsie.



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