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Winter Vegetable Gardening Online Workshops


August 18, 2021 by Hope Gardens


Hope Gardens workshops teach “best practices” – tips and tricks and sound advice, field-tested for over ten years. These workshops will set you on your way towards a productive, safe and beautiful winter garden that will incorporate organic, regenerative and vegan agriculture systems. 

We recorded these workshops last year and want to make them available again. Not everyone feels comfortable in crowds or maybe you want to learn at your own pace. You can refer back to these videos as often as you like.

The curriculum is as follows:

  • One: Best practices overview for organic, vegan, regenerative and biodynamic gardening / starting seeds indoors / full low-down on herbs & greens
  • Two: Soil-building, composting, fertilizers & soil amendments / companion & pollinator planting / full low-down on brassicas, onion & garlic
  • Three: Maintaining the winter vegetable garden / disease and pests/ using remedies, supports and row covers / full low-down on root vegetables and all the veggie outliers

Each workshop is just over an hour long. I speak live in the garden and there are also some fun, informative videos interjected. If you would like to receive any supporting materials by email, I would be happy to send them.

All three workshops are only $36. Erin is committed to teaching everyone with a curiosity about growing their own food so costs are kept as low as possible.

Purchase your workshop here and we will send your private links and passwords.

Thank you for wanting to explore the wonderful world of organic, regenerative, vegan vegetable gardening.