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Climate Gardening – your seasonal gardening guide to zones 9 -10


November 14, 2021 by Hope Gardens

It’s crucial that home gardeners respond to the actual weather they are experiencing rather than what month is on the calendar or what a post or article says you “should” be doing. 

In Los Angeles, our weather is erratic and July-October is especially harsh and unpredictable. But November brings weather more suitable for all kinds of planting (as well as pruning).

That being said, we’ve had 90 degree temps this month. But this is the point. Pay attention to the weather, not the calendar. And each zone, microsystem, back yard is unique. Keep an eagle eye on your personal weather report and strive to be flexible and forgiving. 

Responding to climate change can be confusing and even frustrating. I hope this seasonal almanac helps you make sense of it all. And I encourage you to start gardening projects in “winter” rather than “spring.” Being ultra-seasonal is a perk of home gardening. This video is about zone 9-10, but the concept can be applied to any zone. Pay attention to your micro-climate and be flexible. Dial in and enjoy your garden! Watch the video below for more info.