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Raised Bed Veggie Gardens


September 9, 2014 by Hope Gardens

For your inspiration, here is a gallery of some of our beautiful raised beds and protective hutches.

We use redwood as it is all-natural as well as pest- and rot-resistant. Cedar is a great choice too but not readily available in Southern California. We do not recommend pressure-treated wood although it is supposedly much safer now.

My rules for raised beds!

  1. Only use potting soil in your beds, no native soil (from the ground).
  2. Beds should be no wider than 4′ and if right against a wall or shrubbery or other obstacle aka you can only access it from one side, then 3′ wide is the max.
  3. Beds should be at least 12″ deep. The taller, the merrier!
  4. Make your bed of sturdy stuff. I like a 2″ thick board. Anything thinner and it’s easy to damage it. Budget often comes first though, I understand.
  5. No circles or squares unless your bed has a keyhole entrance.

Bonus tip: Consider a cover. Be it a hoop house, a draped row cover, a hutch…add this consideration into your plans. Most importantly, enjoy your garden!

retaining wallIMG_0387

IMG_2524 IMG_2523

A cherry tomato plant overtakes its borders.

A cherry tomato plant overtakes its borders.


There's a raised bed in there somewhere!

There’s a raised bed in there somewhere!