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April 3, 2015 by Hope Gardens

1. Their gardens are ugly.
Tiny plants in a grid covered in construction gravel. No.
2. They make you sign over your DWP rebate in its entirety.
I allow my clients to spend their own money. If they wish, they can actually landscape their entire yard and still have pocket change.
3. You have little choice of plants or design.
There are SO many choices of native and drought-tolerant plants. You should benefit from that.
4. It’s bad for wildlife.
Setting up plants on a grid across a flat plain does not give hummingbirds or butterflies a place to rest and hide. Surrounding plantings with gravel cuts off access to insects and worms in the soil for snacking.
5. It’s not in line with permaculture, biodynamics or any environmentally-conscious trends in landscaping.
Plants as a rule don’t like to be surrounded by chemical-emitting construction gravel. This gives them no way to reseed or give off runners. We use untreated bark mulch around our plants.
6. It’s bad for the soil.
Covering the soil with gravel is like cementing over your front yard. It meets DWP requirements for being permeable for drainage but for the soil, it cuts off air supply and eventually will compact the soil cutting off even more air flow and killing valuable microbes and soil life.
7. It’s bad for the air.
They use as little plants as possible. I use as many plants as possible. As you know plants clean the air and provide us with oxygen. They also absorb heat as does bark mulch. Gravel reflects light and traps heat, increasing damage to the ozone.
8. They all look the same.
We start every job from scratch and every Hope Garden client is unique. Your input is valued and your wishes will be represented in your landscaping.
9. They use immature plants that have no curb appeal.
For the money they are getting, they can afford to use large, mature plants. But they don’t provide those. You can’t even see these plants from the curb.
10. They tell their clients they can’t afford a “real” landscaper.
You can! You can! You can! Guess who? Hope Gardens text us at 323-493-5177.
I would never attack another landscaping company unless I felt that their practices are harmful to the environment and misleading the public on an issue I am passionate about. Thank you for reading.