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Romaine Recall Redonkulous


November 21, 2018 by Hope Gardens

I feel compelled to address the issue of the CDC recalling all forms of romaine lettuce. This action brings up many questions and they are very important questions. Why can’t investigators pinpoint where 32 people bought their lettuce? Why is so hard to find out what company supplied the supermarkets with that lettuce? Why can’t a federal agency find out what farms supply lettuce to mainstream supermarkets? Why isn’t there appropriate oversight at farms and factories to prevent salmonella poisoning? Why can’t the CDC make a more nuanced and empowering announcement about what is even possible of contamination and what is perfectly safe? Why is our food supply so fragile that 126 MILLION households are being told to dispose of what is certainly a perfectly safe food?
I’m not an alarmist by nature but I am an advocate for good health, safe food and limiting food waste. This recall has caused nothing but confusion and adds to our already poor understanding of where our food comes from, how it is harvested, packaged and shipped. Simply put, when organic romaine lettuce isn’t safe to eat, what is?
I encourage you to learn more. Push for answers. I became a true advocate when I had children because feeding yourself crap is one thing, but your babies you want to protect. When I started my vegetable gardening business I punched up my advocacy because I got first hand knowledge. And knowledge is power.
Please consider attending a vegetable gardening workshop. I have one on December 1st focusing on winter veggies (romaine!) and another one March 16th for spring veggies. I was going to raise the price of the workshops but will keep these two upcoming events at $40 so as to provide everyone an opportunity to learn and advocate for a safer food supply. Of course, the romaine and other veggies and fruits you grow in your yard are free from salmonella. That I can assure you. And there’s no time like the present to start learning about growing your own food supply. I welcome you to check out the link below and RSVP for one or both. Thank you for your interest in how we feed ourselves. Nothing could be more important for our security and safety.