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Radish – From Seed to Plate


August 3, 2012 by Hope Gardens

Plant, harvest and prepare radishes with this handy how-to guide.

Cherry Belle Radishes


Radishes are winter veggies. Plant them from September-April. Radish seeds are fairly big which makes them easy to handle. Radishes are great for kids for this reason, and they germinate quickly (as soon as 4 days!) and are ready for harvest in 22-60 days. A very satisfying experience for both kids and the novice gardener.

Plant radish seeds half an inch under the ground and a couple inches apart, either in rows or in a grid if you are using square foot gardening. So radishes can reach full size, you should thin the seedlings to one seedling every 2-4 inches. You can use these trimmed seedlings in a delicious salad. Check out a radish seedling salad recipe here.

Check radishes often to see if they have matured. Their “shoulders” will be visible just below or above the soil. You can dig a little of the soil up and check the radish. If it’s not ready, just pile the soil back on. Make sure to cover the radish’s shoulders so they don’t dry out.


Plant radish and carrot seeds together in the same row. The maturing, expanding radishes will make room in the soil for the later maturing carrots to grow into. When you harvest the radish, the carrot will happily grow into the space provided.


Radishes are often enjoyed pickled and in salsas. But to me there’s nothing like serving them raw with whipped butter, sea salt and toasted baguette slices. Use a mandoline to get nice, even slices.

Traditional French Radish Preparation

And then there’s this! Yet another reason to invest in truffle salt. The recipe for this delishness can be found here.

Radish Truffle Butter

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