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How is Livestock Waste Organic?


April 7, 2023 by Hope Gardens

Animal waste is the backbone of organic fertilizer. Bone meal, blood meal, urea, feather meal, fish meal, leather dust, poultry bedding and list goes on.

Abused, caged, sick, scared, imprisoned animal bodies have been repackaged as the gold standard for growing organic vegetables. That’s not organic to me.

I didn’t begin this journey a vegan. It wasn’t until I began blending my own fertilizers that the issue started to bleed into my consciousness.

Behind that well-ground fertilizer was a life. And a tortured one at that.

Five years of research and I’m still capable of being stunned by what I learn.

2/3 of animals are waste (chickens less so because animal agriculture has created ways to grow the meat so plentiful the poor birds can’t walk) that is sold at market as organic fertilizer. That bag of organic vegetable garden fertilizer keeps slaughterhouses and factory farms running.

I committed myself to creating the first line of all animal-free organic fertilizers.

The future of plant food has to be sustainable and support the very planet…the only planet…we have to feed our children and grandchildren and everyone we love.

Organic fertilizer has a dirty little secret and I hope you will help me reveal it and fix the tragedy of animal by-products.