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Growing Gardeners


January 16, 2014 by Hope Gardens

pea harvestThese smiles tell the story of how much kids love to be in the garden. And I luh-huv working with these budding green thumbs. They are so excited and eating the vegetables right off the vine! There is so much to learn in a garden and all of it is very grasp-able to them whether it be the biology of plant fertilization or the earth science of soil composition, or learning how to observe nature and gaining knowledge about where there food comes from. That excited spirit that comes from the fresh air and being sprung from the classroom makes them extra open to learning and willing to try anything. From holding worms to eating wild celery, they catch the horticultural spirit. The other plus to teaching kids in the garden, is there is a job for all kinds of learners. Whether they like to shovel and run the wheelbarrow, or plant seeds, or stake plants, or make colorful tags, or wash vegetable, or weed….okay, no one likes to weed. And in that case, they learn that every job entails a little hard work and determination pays off in smiles and garden-fresh, just-picked peas.