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April 1, 2023 by Hope Gardens

Thank you for choosing Cabbage Hill Animal-Free Fertilizer. Why use animal byproducts when you can make a more sustainable choice, a more organic choice, a more ethical choice…and still get the best plant food available? Our fertilizers contain all-natural, organic, plant-based ingredients and minerals that provide both macro- and micro-nutrients as well as soil builders and mycorrhizae to support soil health. Finally, something to feel good about!

Scroll down for label information and instructions for use.

Cabbage Hill Dry Granular Fertilizers are a traditional dry time-release total fertilizer for your plants and vegetables. Our fertilizers are rich in macro- and micro-nutrients, and also include humic acid as well as root-building mycorrhizae.

Cabbage Hill Acid Fertilizers are higher in potassium than traditional vegetable fertilizers. Potassium contributes to flower and fruit growth which is vital in fruits. Our Acid Fertilizers also include healthy levels of sulfur to keep acid-loving plants happy.

All our fertilizers are 100% organic, natural and vegan.

Apply dry fertilizers when you first plant and then depending on the plant and season, every 4 weeks after. You can work fertilizer into the top third of your soil or use the trench or gradient method where you dig a shallow trench between your plantings and cover the trench lightly with soil. This way plants’ roots can absorb nutrients as they grow.

Store fertilizers in a dry area in a closed container. Fertilizers left open can attract moths which will feed and lay eggs in your fertilizer. Yuck. Keep away from children and animals.