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Fall/Winter Veggie Garden Workshops going on NOW

Fall/Winter veggie gardening in L.A. is so exciting! Please come for a visit to my home at Hope Gardens HQ where we will discuss what and when and how to plant for Fall. Our discussion will include: seed starting, soil amending and fertilization, how to harvest and more. Bring your questions and curiosity. You will be getting in the soil so bring gloves if you want. Coffee, tea, fruit and a sweet treat will be served and there’s also a little gift at the end. These three hours will fly by! Can’t WAIT!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018
10:00 AM
 to 1:00 PM

21422 Stanwell St Chatsworth CA 91311


To RSVP to planting your Fall/Winter Veggie Garden click here.
P.S. You can pay the morning of with cash or by Venmo.