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Sign Up & Curriculum for Hope Gardens Winter Vegetable Garden Workshops Regenerative Gardening 101


October 8, 2020 by Hope Gardens

Sign up here! Hope Gardens workshops teach “best practices” – tips and tricks and sound advice, field-tested for over ten years by owner Erin Riley. These workshops will set you on your way towards a productive, safe and beautiful winter garden that will incorporate organic, regenerative and vegan agriculture systems. Whether you live here in Southern California or elsewhere, our best practices apply to all time zones and seasons. Wherever you are and whatever level of vegetable garden interest you have, we invite you to join us.

Nothing makes Erin happier than sharing garden wisdom with as many people as possible so we are keeping both the price of admission and the format accessible. This fun, fast-paced workshop will show you how to enjoy the incredible benefits of vegetable gardening and participate in a regenerative and cruelty-free agricultural revolution. And you get sugar snap peas!

Our three Zoom workshops will take place on Saturday, October 17th, 24th, and 31st at 9am. Each workshop can be viewed independently but all three will give you the best picture. Our workshops are normally 3 hours long but no one wants to sit in front of their screen for that long so I’ve split our “normal” workshop into 3 one-hour workshops. If you miss the workshop or can’t make the times work, we can send you a link to the recording.

Hope Gardens believes fervently in food justice and the importance of accessibility in regards to growing your own food and so we want to make this workshop affordable. Each workshop is only $10 and you can invite as many people as you like to view it. After each hour workshop you can hang out with Erin online for an informative Q & A. Bring your garden questions and concerns.

The curriculum is as follows:

  • October 17th: Best practices overview for organic, vegan, regenerative and biodynamic gardening / starting seeds indoors / full low-down on herbs & greens
  • October 24th: Soil-building, composting, fertilizers & soil amendments / companion & pollinator planting / full low-down on brassicas, onion & garlic
  • October 31st: Maintaining the winter vegetable garden / disease and pests/ using remedies, supports and row covers / full low-down on root vegetables and all the veggie outliers

Sign up today right here or join our MeetUp below and sign up there. There will be a special raffle at the end of each workshop. Erin has created a line of animal-free fertilizers and you could win the world’s first vegan gardening subscription box! Please email us at with any questions and visit us on the following platforms. Enjoy your garden, warriors!

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See you soon!