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All your instructions for growing pumpkins can be found here. Following is a list of what we having growing this year. Please let us know if we can help you with your homegrown pumpkin patch.  323-493-5177 or email yourhopegarden@earthlink.net.


 Musquee De Provence
These gorgeous, big flat pumpkins are shaped like a big wheel of cheese, and are heavily lobed and ribbed. The skin is a beautiful, rich brown color when ripe. The flesh is deep orange, thick and very fine flavored, fruit grow to 20 lbs. each. This is a traditional variety from southern France.

Rare Seeds


Orange Rave Hybrid

Dark orange, slightly ribbed, round to slightly upright fruit on semi-vining plants. Nicely embedded handles and intermediate powdery mildew resistance.



Selected by John Howden himself for success in the home garden, this is the pumpkin Linus might have chosen to grow in his really sincere pumpkin patch! These deep orange, ribbed, plump pumpkins set the industry standard for appearance, vitality, and yields. The heavy-bearing plants yield a big crop of 20- to 30-pound pumpkins, each measuring 13 to 16 inches long.
Cinderella pumpkin is an heirloom variety from France. The Cinderella pumpkin is deeply ridged, exceptionally flattened fruits weigh 25-35 lbs. Pumpkins are born on extremely productive vines. Cinderellas has thick walls that are sweet, moist and custard like.
Sugar Pie
Sugar Pie is the standard for making terrific pies, soups, muffins, and casseroles. Small 6″ fruits are also good for carving table décor-size jack o’lanterns.
An unusual French heirloom, Fairytale has a deeply lobed, slightly squat shape and a magnificent mahogany brown color. Similar shape to Cinderella but more deeply ribbed with a thick, strong handle. Numerous 12-18 inch fruit are borne on vigorous 10 foot vines and weigh up to 15 pounds. The flesh is deep orange and suitable for cooking and baking in pies.
Miniature, old-fashioned pumpkins are 3″ wide by 2″ tall and bright orange. Each plant will produce an average of eight pumpkins.
A prolific, dark orange pumpkin, 6-8″ around, and averaging about 6-10 lbs. each.  Spookie Pumpkin is the result of a cross between Sugar Pie and Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins.   It is heavier yielding than either of its parents. It has a deeper fruit shape and a more uniform diameter.   The sweet, thick, yellow-orange flesh is fine-textured and great for making pies.
Red Warty Thing
Peculiar looking, but renowned for delicious flavor and fine texture. The bumpy, thick, red-orange skin protects the 10‒20 pound pumpkins. 1-2 per vine.
Medium to large, drum-shaped fruit with heavy, rounded ribs and slate-gray skin. Sweet, thick, orange flesh.



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