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Green Arrow Nursery in North Hills sold to developers


March 29, 2016 by Hope Gardens


I am crushed to inform Angelenos that Green Arrow Nursery in North Hills has been sold to developers for apartment buildings. Sperling Nursery last year and now this. I’m heartbroken for the fantastic employees who have worked there 25 plus years. Green Arrow has the most excellent customer service, both friendly and informed. The loss of employment is devastating since Sperling’s also excellent ex-employees have already filled every vacancy in town. In the larger picture, the loss of wisdom and real knowledge about plants has me (almost) speechless. There are so few places to get your questions answered, so few places that sell products they care about, so few places that sell vegetable seedlings at all. Is this a result of the drought? The box stores? Development? It’s a loss my friends. And there’s a warning. We still need plants. I still believe in growing your own food. There is a huge gap in our understanding of how food grows that borders on total ignorance. This is not good for our future or our children’s future. I’m putting all my brain power on how I could open a small nursery, like Theo Payne, but that focuses on organic vegetable gardening, provides homegrown seedlings, organic compost, classes and workshops. It would fuel my soul which has been drained dry by these uber rich clients I find myself in small claims court with again and again. There’s a bigger vision inside me and the demand to fill the gap left behind by Sperling, and now Green Arrow, seems to have reached a screaming pitch.


  1. Christie says:

    After a visit to Green Arrow today, I too, was informed about the sale. My entire life I have gone to Green Arrow for plants, seedlings, seeds, dirt, trees, Christmas trees and plumbing needs not to mention their extensive knowledge of all things that grow and the pests that try to thwart that effort. This is such a loss for the area. You’re right, Erin, I’ve not found the knowledge base that I’ve loved forever at Green Arrow.
    Less green and more people is not what we need in this area. It is an area already bursting at the seams with and overabundance of people and very little space to call ones own. Green Arrow, you’ll be missed on so many levels.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    I am heartbroken about Green Arrow closing. It was like going to a funeral over there today. I raised my daughter over there – so many days discovering new plants and being amazed and comforted by the absolute beauty of nature. What is happening to this world? The value of this place is ephemeral – food for eye and soul – and yet it loses to the value of the dollar. What a sad commentary on the state of Los Angeles.

  3. GW says:

    Really sad to see this happen, I used to go here as a kid with my parents and grandparents. I remember stepping into the greenhouse and feeling like I was transported so place else. This is going to leave a huge gap in LA.

  4. Lillian says:

    We have been going to Green Arrow since my folks moved to the Valley in 1963. I still go and get great information and suggestions from the staff.
    Thank you all for your many years of support and all your knowledge.
    We will miss you.
    LJ and CA

  5. The King's says:

    We are so sadden by the closing of Green Arrow. Loved the place with all the kind and
    helpful workers there. And now they are without a job and do not get any benefits after
    all of those years of loving their job and caring for it. How can a business owner not care
    about his employees and give them an extra bonus…..We could just see the hurt on their faces.
    We do NOT need more apartment buildings! Did you see how many Millions of dollars it was sold for???

  6. Craig says:

    Forget what the property was sold for!
    It’s sad because another valley institution is gone! How about the employees?
    Long before Home Depot, Lowe’s and even Lumber City planted their roots in the valley, Green Arrow was there for all our garden needs! Not even the old Builders Emporium could offer the expertise that The Green Arrow folks could!
    R.I.P. Green Arrow! I will really miss you!!

  7. Judy & Horacio Garcia says:

    How sad to hear that Green Arrow closed. If the place was sold due to illness that is understandable. However, if that is not the case, and it was for the money, shame, shame, shame.
    We the customers lost great employees who always had the right answers to all our questions. We hope that we can find them working at another nursery. We will also miss the large variety of plants that no other nursery in the San Fernando Valley is offering. May all of Green Arrow’s former employees find work that is rewarding and full feeling.

  8. Caroline says:

    VERY SORRY to just hear this news. I loved shopping there — purchased many plants (lovely rose bushes and treees) and garden supplies.

  9. Jeff B says:

    Been going there since we moved to Sepulveda in 1962…’twas my dad’s go-to place for things landscaping, etc…when those iron bars went up around the place, I was thinking that things weren’t going so well…the neighborhood has changed radically since those days…too many low-income apartments already, and more to come…hope they got a ton of money for it and furthermore hope that the knowledgeable and helpful amongst the employees find gainful employment elsewhere…’tis a sad day for the valley…

  10. Evelyn says:

    Shocked to find out today that Green Arrow had closed. This is sad. I am a newbie in the valley area but I have learned to love the place which had become to be a very good source of great varieties of plants. My heart bleeds for all the employees. Hope they can find some work somewhere. God bless all of you.

    By the way, does anybody know any place else to go in the valley area?

  11. Ron Vanderhoff says:

    Yes, it s sad news for the gardening world – myself included. We must remind ourselves that a nursery is a business as much as it s a place of plants, gardens, nature and amazing beauty. The nursery industry is a very, very low profit business. For many, this may be hard to understand or even agree with. But yes, it is the reality. Businesses don’t close for random reasons.
    Garden centers must change, must relate to changing lifestyles and demographics, must be outstanding retailers, must compete successfully with their competitors and at the end must make a profit. If not . . .

    Ron Vanderhoff
    Roger’s Gardens

  12. Greg Stewart says:

    I was in the neighborhood today (07/26) and ran over to get a couple of plants and was shocked to see the desolate lot and the auction signs up from 10 days ago. It breaks my heart. I bought just about all of my plants from them over the years — they knew what they were talking about. They were in the same climate as me (here in Van Nuys) and I could depend on them. You don’t get that from Home Depot of OSH or Lowe’s.

    I try all the time to support local vendors over big chains, but, today’s closing will make that even harder.


  13. windywoood says:

    SO:D TO A DEVELOPER!…..don’t praise green arrow for selling out to THAT!

  14. Kathia Caceres says:

    I’m heartbroken I have already had a big loss this year. My father recently passed and as far back as I can remember my grandmother, my Dad and me shared the joy of gardening. My grandfather used to say you want to find those three follow the water hose ! I hadn’t been to the green arrow in the last couple of months because of my Dad. Last night I made the decision to go . It has been hard just knowing that what we so much enjoyed and spent hours doing together I would now do alone but I truly missed it and for the first time in months I had that all to well known felling of excitement. My heart shattered when I got there only to see a run down lot. I broke into tears. I will miss the green arrow and the beautiful people who worked there. I wish you all the best. Shame on the owner for selling out ! You took a peace of paradise from this already dreadfully overpopulated community. This corporate America you will regret what you are doing and I hopefully will not be around to watch you pay for your mistakes.

  15. Francine says:

    One of the employees warned me about a year ago of this possibly happening. He said they couldn’t compete with the drought plant pushers/nurseries and he said the owner didn’t want to change the way he did things. I think the lawn rebate program had a lot to do with this where people were focusing mainly for two seasons on buying 20 types of drought tolerants and that’s it.

    • Scott says:

      What can you say when a store is part of your culture…is part of your lifestyle, is part of you…and it closes after 50 years. In addition to being a happy customer for 30 years I also worked there for 7 years in the 80’s. This was a great experience working with some really good people. I learned a ton and Max and Bob Bergquist (especially Max) helped hone the work ethic that I have to this day. I loved working for Max and we both shared a passion for visiting the Eastern Sierra, where Max would go annually to create some of his awesome wildlife paintings. You’ll never find a boss more fair to his employees either.
      I actually met my ex-wife there and would not have had that relationship and my kids without Green Arrow.
      There was and will never be anyplace else quite the same, although Green Thumb Canoga Park comes somewhat close. (They purchased and advertised together if I’m not mistaken).

      I still remember the company softball games, nurserymen association holiday parties and the other unofficial festivities which were extremely fun and allowed me to get to know some very gifted and colorful people. I was a group of people with a very diverse and colorful culture.

      The store closing is in some ways understandable, I just wish Pete had made a go at changing his inventory with the times a bit BEFORE calling it quits.

      Green Arrow Nursery did not and will never have an equal. It’s going to be extremely strange purchasing a Christmas tree elsewhere this year…and every year.

  16. Laurie says:

    I too was one of many who grew up going to Green Arrow and have brought my kids up going there as well. Drove by the other day and was shocked to see it gone and such an eyesore (the buildings are all covered with graffiti). I will really miss Green Arrow. 🙁

  17. Sam says:

    As a child during the 1970s I patiently awaited the Green Arrow Nursery mailer advertising the arrival of Christmas trees. My mother and father would drive me over so I could pick a tree from the discount section. I chose not so great looking trees because I didn’t want them to go without a home. Green Arrow was magical to during Christmas time. When my daughter was born I began a tradition of taking her every year to choose our tree. I would place her in one of the red wagons and pull her around the store. I recall the aisles were decorated with so many ornaments. We gazed at the Christmas village they had in the store. Slowly the store stopped putting up the little snowy village. We were disappointed but we still went every year to get our tree. Sometimes my daughter and I would play hide and seek among the rows of plants. Those are treasured memories. Today my daughter, now twelve, asked if we could go and get our tree. I looked up Green Arrow on my phone in search of their number. I read the nursery is permanently closed. I am so sad. I don’t want to tell my daughter the bad news. Goodbye Green Arrow. You were so special.

  18. James Parr says:

    Green Arrow Nursery may have closed, but Green Thumb Nursery both in Canoga Park and Santa Clarita are sister nurseries and are owned by the same family that owned Green Arrow Nursery. They both have that family-owned feeling, great plant selection and amazing customer service from the Green Thumb garden experts! Check them out

    • Hope Gardens says:

      Agreed! I now go to Green Thumb and am so happy to see many Sperling faces there. Very grateful for Green Thumb!

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