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Your Hope Garden Guide to Juicing/Smoothie Gardens

Click here for your free download: Your Hope Garden Guide to Juicing/Smoothie Gardens Happy New Year! I am wanting to inspire you to go out in 2013 and RESOLVE GARDEN! To kickstart your resolutions, read this guide and try growing some homegrown juicing and smoothing ingredients of your own this Winter! Hint: A quick winter […]

My favorite green juice

Stay tuned for a Hope Gardens Winter Juice/Smoothie Garden Plan. Get our the juicer! This makes 3 glasses of juice. Lasts in the fridge 2 days. MY FAVORITE GREEN JUICE 6 large kale leaves 2 large fuji apples 2 lemons 2-3 fingers fresh ginger 1 red pepper 2 broccoli stems 2 large cucumbers 6 leaves […]

Cooking with Kale

Kale, like other greens, can be juiced with carrots and pureed raw in fruit smoothies…and hardly tasted by children and the green-phobic. Here’s a great recipe for kale chips from Follow Sara on Twitter too.!/foodloveswine.